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Garage Door Repair Services

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Strange sounds, difficulties with opening and closing or broken parts? You know that it’s time to get the good old garage door fixed. The sooner you act the better. Check out the best solutions to common problems.

Torsion Spring Repair

If it is hard to keep the door closed, there is too much tension in the spring. If opening is slow and difficult, the tension is lower than the optimal. In any case, the spring has to be adjusted. When you hear squeaks from above the door, but there is no damage, lubrication should help. When there are damaged or deformed coils, the best fix is replacement. Don’t wait until the spring breaks to get a better one installed.

Opener Remote Troubleshooting

You press the button, but the motor is silent? First try to change the batteries in. If the other controls work, the issue must be with the remote. If they don’t start the motor either, the opener will need repair. Sometimes, a faulty remote can be fixed, but usually, it has to be replaced.

Broken Track Fix

While bending can be straightened, a broken track has to be replaced. The new track should have the same height and width as the old one. It must be made from galvanized steel which is resistant to rust and corrosion. The best tracks are the thickest ones. They are strong and the most resistant to bending and breaking.

Cable Off the Drum

This is not a very common problem, but it happens from time to time. When the cable is off the drum, the door may hang on one side. The important thing is not to open the door until it is fixed. The repair involves setting the cable back into place and adjusting it properly. It is important for the door’s operation to be tested for ensuring that the cable doesn’t come off again.

When you have a problem with your spring, opener or any other part, we are available to provide professional garage door repair services. We are equally good at fixing motors and replacing worn and broken components. Count on us, at Garage Door Repair in Springfield, for emergency assistance whenever necessary. Contact us to get help. To find out more about our services, browse our website.

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