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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs Repair | Garage Door Repair Springfield, CA

Whether your door uses torsion or extension springs, they will need regular maintenance, lubrication and should be replaced before their official expiration dates. Your garage door has a lot of metal parts and every time it opens or closes, these parts extend, bend, rattle and bear weight. Little by little, the parts will wear down and if your garage conditions are dry and you perform regular maintenance, you can extend the life span of all the parts by a few years. Eventually, though, all the parts will need to be replaced and for the springs, that means specialized equipment and professional services.

Why Professional Spring Services?

The door springs are under high pressure from the tension and weight of the door. This is why your door doesn’t feel heavy when it’s in good working condition: because the springs are taking the weight. If your garage door feels heavy, shakes a lot when moving or is off balance, the springs will groan and creak and their limits will be tested. If you don’t call for professional services at this point, you’ll quickly discover the door will get stuck or other parts will bend or get damaged. In the worst-case scenario, the springs could snap and the door itself could come crashing down, causing injury to anyone in its path.

Because of the high tension, weight and safety requirements involved, we don’t recommend you even get up on a ladder to inspect the springs yourself. You should always call our professional technicians at the first sign of a problem. These signs usually mean the springs or related components are compromised and need urgent, professional attention. 

Our Expert Services

When you call our professional service technicians, you will receive prompt, reliable and professional services guaranteed! All of our technicians are highly trained and equipped with top of the line tools and parts. Whatever kind of door you have, we can service, replace or upgrade both the springs and any attached components on the spot. These include:

  • The door springs
  • The extension and safety cables
  • The stationary and spring pulleys
  • The hangar bar
  • U brackets and axle bolts
  • Attachment hooks and S hooks
  • Adjustment plates
  • Slotted angle brackets

We can even perform safety checks to ensure that before we leave your property, everything is in top working order.  Call our service line to schedule an appointment and make sure your springs are safe and secure!

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